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Purest Academy for Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a primary focus of early childhood education. The mission is to promote overall educational growth and development for children ages zero to six, by providing quality childcare at affordable prices. PUREST Academy was established to provide all children with a chance at a prosperous future, regardless of their parents’ financial situation. Circumstances are always unique and this program was designed to cater to those specific needs. PUREST Academy not only plans to work with low-income families but also families that are not considered to be low income.  The reality is that childcare can be expensive for anyone from any walk of life.  There happens to be several great childcare programs that no longer have the space to provide services to some families, so PUREST Academy is here to help.


PUREST Academy for Kids, Inc. strives to create a nurturing, supportive, and safe environment for each child to begin his or her educational journey.



Pre-K Teachers

Infant Teachers

Support Staff

Ms. Nicole - Executive Director

Ms. Ivette - Director/Site Supervisor


Ms. Maria - Ages 2 - 3

Ms. Ivette & Ms. Maria  - Ages 4 - 6




Ms. Angie - Infant Lead

Ms. Raksa - Floater

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