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A Special Thank You to the Staff of PUREST Academy

I have never been a blogger but I talk too much ( I guess ) so I figured I would give a shot and see how this goes. One thing that I wanted to take a moment and touch on is my Staff. I have some of THE most incredible and selfless Women that work at PUREST Academy and I just wanted to take a moment to speak on them. I suppose this isn't as much a blog post as it is a an expression of appreciation and admiration for the Women of PUREST Academy for Kids.

1st off we have our “emoji face” Ms. Maria. I like to call her the “emoji face” you know… this one...

because this is the look that she almost always has on her face. Underneath it all is a loving, passionate, creative, and joyful woman that LOVES the work that she does and it shows. Like this......

Ms. Maria has been with me since the very first day that we opened our doors. She was with us when we had 5 children enrolled ( two of them were her children lol). Ms. Maria would teach 1 or 2 children just like she had a classroom full of children. Her creativity always leaves me speechless…She is truly irreplaceable. Next up we have Ms. Val…they call her our “Wonder Woman” because she is just that...She can be doing 5 things at once and killing it, all while keeping a pleasant look on her face. She is known for her sweet voice, regardless of what type of news she is delivering to you haha. She keeps her composure even if this is going on around her...

Fun fact about Ms. Val is that she is ALWAYS photo ready! Every single picture we find of Ms. Val, she is posed with a smile (even if she is in the background of the photo). As soon as a camera is lifted, Ms. Val strikes a pose. Ms. Val brings so much beauty and wisdom to our team, her absence is always felt when she is not there. Moving right along to Ms. Ivette. I like to call her Ms. Ibetty (a name gifted to her by a student). Her bubbly personality is so contagious and I just love it. While she is young, she brings so much to our Program. She is such a great listener and a natural nurturer. She loves crop tops and Disney lol. I could not imagine not seeing her face every time I come to the school. GO CROP TOPS!!!

Ms. Mayra is such a quiet gem. She stepped into our infant Program and developed an amazing foundation and routine for the children. She has so much power in her and I love to see her exercise it more and more each day. Ms. Mayra is extremely thoughtful and empathetic and her beautiful presence permeates through the entire infant Program. She always seems so sweet even though I'm sure she leaves the school like this once she is off.

Ms. Rosie has a special place in my heart because she is a movie buff just like me!! Hehe… She is our rough-and-tough, strong-and-powerful…tat-tat-tatted up... Ms. Rosie! I remember the day she asked to work with the infants…I was SO happy to hear about her pure joy to work in the infant classroom. Rosie brings a hardcore motherly vibe to the school and we love it!

Ms. Lili is new to our Program but she stepped right in and took on duties without question. I crack up when I see her because she never really shows much emotion on her face but I always see how caring she is towards the children. Ms. Lili will do whatever is asked of her without a second thought and her compassion spills over onto the children.

Both Ms. Rosie and Ms. Lili are always ready for whatever is thrown their way!

Ms. Kayla is our newbie and we were Blessed to get her when we did. She has a natural ability to operate as a teacher in a school and that can be rare. I can see her love for working with children daily and I am ecstatic to see how she grows. Ms. Viv is another newbie that I haven’t had much time to be around but I see her eagerness to learn and her excitement to be around the children in our Program. That makes her a winner in my eyes. Ms. Courtney started off as a volunteer giving a chunk of her time to our Preschool without complaint. It is such a Blessing to have her sweet countenance traveling through the school as a hired sub. I can go on and on about these Ladies but for the sake of time, I had to keep it to a minimum. My Staff works countless hours, tirelessly, with the determination to GET THE JOB DONE (whatever it may be). And they do it all with patience and tenderness. These Women are a GIFT FROM GOD and they deserve the world...if I could give it to them I would. Each of these women bring something unique to the table but they each have a few things in common…. their unconditional love and dedication for each and every child and family enrolled in our Program. For that, I am forever grateful.


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